Do you have a waiting list?
Usually not but, you are encouraged to submit your application and PRI as soon as you make a decision to admit yourself or your family member. Affinity has a very active rehabilitation program therefore the facility has admissions and discharges almost daily. On occasion there may be a wait for a private room or a specific unit. The admissions department can let you know if there is a wait for a private room and approximately how long that might be.
How much notice do I need to give before I can admit my family member to the facility?
Each case is individualized. If a prospective client is in a hospital, the hospital will work in conjunction with Affinity to facilitate the move quickly, generally in a matter of days. We provide assistance with a variety of different placement issues, examples are admissions from home, out of town and even out of state. If you need placement from home, and assessment called a PRI (Patient Review Instrument) is required which would be valid for 90 days. If the PRI and the application are approved, it is possible to admit a person within 24-48 hours.
What is a PRI OR Patient Review Instrument?
This is a New York State required assessment document that tells the nursing facility what the physical needs and abilities are. The law requires that it be completed by a registered nurse assessor. The Admissions Office can provide a list of qualified nurse assessors.
Who pays for sub-acute care?
Medicare and private insurance are the primary payers for sub-acute care.
Do you accept Medicaid and Medicare?
Yes! We are a Medicaid and Medicare certified facility.
Do you accept individuals with Medicaid pending?
YES, under certain circumstances. Ask our admissions coordinator for the facility guidelines for accepting Medicaid pending residents.
Can my family member go out for home visits?
YES. Each case is subject to the resident’s doctors Orders and reviewed for safety and appropriateness.
What are your visiting hours?
Visiting hours are 10am through 8pm daily. We welcome all of our guests and there are no age restrictions.
Is there a required length of stay?
NO. Each individual length of stay is determined by their individual needs and goals.
What is my Loved One going to do?
At Affinity, your loved one will enjoy the many amenities of our spacious and newly decorated facility including; outdoor courtyards, large dining rooms, remodeled lounge areas, and our newly built Rehabilitation Gym with brand new, state of the art equipment. We have created a therapeutic, healing environment filled with friendly staff and professional clinicians. In addition, our Recreation department is the absolute best in providing stimulating activities, quality entertainment, and creative programming. He/She will be engaged by our personal and attentive staff on a round the clock basis.